Conductivity Career & HR solutions is a registered entity imparting quality HR solutions in Pakistan and ME since 2018. Our prime focus is to provide Career Advisory and Career Management services to youth both domestically and globally.


Conductivity Mission & Vision


Enabling client’s thought and process Readiness, enabling them to avail the right Opportunities in the socio-economic terms, thereby ensuring mutual Success.


” Optimizing Human and Organizational Conductivity, to achieve sustainable Socio-Economic value creation




Our Story

​Conductivity Careers & HR Solution consultants view ‘Organizations’ as purposeful and powerful circuits that produce ‘work’ of ‘value’ for their clientele. This work is produced by their people who conduct their energies to render results. Based on this philosophy, we help organizations: We have a proven track record of bringing our clienteles’ organizational performance readiness to the optimum level – by finding out the performance issues and solving them for Superior performance. 

Enabling client’s thought and process Readiness, enabling them to avail the right Opportunities in the socio-economic terms, thereby ensuring mutual success.  

How it was started

“It is amazing how a feeling, an idea, and an effort can trigger such a grand change. You can call it snow-ball effect.

The feeling of being stuck and needing guidance.

At the time I registered in BBA-Hons, my focus was clear…. I had to become a successful advertising professional. However, at the end of BBA, due to change in my aspirations, I was compelled to change my career focus. After 8 career moves in different fields, within a span of 3 years, I received an advise from my elder brother to join Human Resource (for which I would remain eternally thankful). With no clear idea of what it was, I got selected in the 2nd interview, where my first mentor actually gave me work, and I got to know what HR is. I was an instant success at work!

This triggered something in me, the feeling I was talking about….. I had the luxury of changing 8 fields as I wasn’t the primary bread-earner of my house, but what about those who didn’t have this luxury. To tell you the truth, Conductivity had born that day, but I didn’t know what was coming my way.

The feeling triggered the idea that changed everything.

I understood that the best service I could give to people was guidance, and I started giving career guidance services early in the year 2005. I found a course that was being offered for free by Harvard on our company intranet on Career Management. By the time it was year 2012, I had already counselled students in Thousand’s and made career efforts for many. By this time I was very clear that my efforts as career counselling should continue. Never did I dream til that time to form a company

In 2003 I went to Saudi Arabia, and saw the real value of Pakistani talent as well as the support available to Pakistani expatriates in legal and logistic terms. It engrained the idea that we don’t need individuals for career management, instead a structured effort needs to be made. Therefore, Conductivity was born, in the year 2014, by the will of Allah.

Conductivity initially was only a career management company, but since this idea is new and people at that time had little understanding of how critically this service is needed, we weren’t able to generate any funds from the main activity, and we still face this challenge. Therefore I had to add Human Capital Solutions to our portfolio.

To me Conductivity is my purpose of life and my way of helping my people and mankind. I started this company from a computer, then we were able to secure a room, then an entire office and now Alhamdulillah company is thriving, for which I am really thankful to Allah.

Conductivity is a social response to disparity, an effort to help people enable their selves to learn better, earn better and connect better with society. We wish to deliver Conductivity to the society as an institution and a silent, effective revolution. – Please pray for us!”


Mirza Faizan Baig


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